LVX White Label Gin

With its striking white on white label, this limited edition distiller’s cut is a love letter to nature’s powerful flavors. Using the original LVX Gin recipe as a base, we’ve added a complex layer of carefully selected cold distilled plants.

St John’s Wort, a rare and emblematic plant, brings vegetal notes and a delicate nutty aroma. The Pink Peppercorn adds a pleasant sweetness while the Dandelion delivers a distinct iodine kick that calls back to some Scottish coastal gins.

Each plant went through a lengthy maceration period before being gently vacuum distilled at 30° Celcius using a Rotary Evaporator. This exceptionally low temperature allows us to preserve the plants’ natural flavors, resulting in a  wholly unique spirit.

Ingredients: Pink peppercorn, Dandelion, St John’s Wort

Tasting: The nose is nutty and vegetal, with a distinct iodine thruline. The palate is smooth and sweet with subtle herbal notes complimenting the floral base.

Bottle: 700ml – 42% abv – numbered by hand

CHF 72.00

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