LVX Spirits

Our Story

LVX Spirits was born in 2019 in Geneva. At that time, Quentin Verne – a young financier with spirited ambitions – decided to leave the world of stocks and bonds behind to pursue his passion for distillation. 

It was years earlier – during his studies in England – that he had caught the Gin bug, and became convinced of the spirit’s amazing potential. As time went on, Quentin moonlighted in makeshift laboratories, distilling experimental recipes and honing his craft through trial and error. Eager to kick things up a notch, he joined the Changin School of Viticulture and Oenology, before  being taken under the wing of René Vanner, and later on Alex Paccot – both highly respected figures in the world of spirits. With their guidance, Quentin was able to master the art of distilling, and refine the recipe of what would eventually become LVX Geneva Dry Gin.

With a successful gin and a growing team, 2021 saw the release of LVX Cold Distilled Vodka and LVX White Label Distiller’s Cut. By combining traditional techniques with modern equipment, Quentin is constantly experimenting and following his inspiration, something that has come to define the brand.

Today, all LVX Spirits are made in the heart of Geneva, inside Quentin’s own bar – La Distillerie Bar | Lab – where patrons can watch him prepare each batch while enjoying a gin & tonic.

Our Team

Founder & Distiller

Quentin Verne

Quentin is the founder and distiller of LVX Spirits. It’s during his studies at Manchester University that his passion for gin first began. Having returned to Switzerland, he started his journey to create a “Geneva Dry Gin”, helped by his mentors René Wanner and Alex Paccot. While Quentin loves making spirits – he loves serving them just as much! That’s why he opened his own bar – La Distillerie Bar / Lab – where he can sling drinks and ensure the best quality control.

Sales & Marketing

Nicolaï Belce

With a background in hospitality, advertising and media, Nicolaï joined the LVX team in late 2020 to take the brand to new heights. An avid natural wine enthusiast, he’s happy to add gin to his long list of epicurean indulgences. But there’s nothing he loves more than sharing a drink with the passionate people working in the F&B industry. Whether you’re a waiter, chef, vendor or fellow producer – first round is on him!


Eliot Dufort

The newest addition to the team! Mentored by Quentin, Eliot bottles, sells, delivers and lives LVX Spirits! Want to know what goes into making delicious gin? He’ll gladly take you on a journey of discovery during our Gin Lab Experience workshops.


Jérôme Gautier

Jérôme is an enthusiast for technology, art and communication. After graduating from Universität der Künste in Berlin he joins the LVX team, bringing his expertise to the brand. Always eager for new technologic experimentations, he worked extensively on the visuals of the LVX brand, helped by his 4 computers and 32 external hard drives. Ctrl+Z is his favourite combo.


Alex Paccot

Master distiller and mentor, Féchy Distillery.


René Wanner

Master distiller and mentor, Saconnex-d’Arve Distillery.

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