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LVX Spirits is born from an epicurean dream to create unique spirits. Our name comes from the city of Geneva’s calvinist maxim: POST TENEBRAS LUX – After Darkness Comes Light – An inspiring call for optimism and perseverance that drives everything we do.

Fiercely attached to quality and independence, our handcrafted products are the result of meticulous care given outside and inside of the distillery. LVX pays homage to its traditional Swiss roots, while taking a modern, forward thinking approach to the drinking experience.

Our aim is to create spirits that come alive in any setting, and can be appreciated by experienced and casual drinkers alike. Most of all, we want to pull the veil off preconceptions and indifference – thrusting discovery, passion and pleasure into light.


Small Batches, Big Results

The quality of our spirits is a direct result of the care given inside and outside the distillery. By carefully selecting the best plants, harmonizing aromas and distilling in small batches, we make sure each bottle meets the highest standards of quality. Located inside of La Distillerie Bar | Lab in Geneva, our 5 level Müller copper still is fine tuned to produce wonderfully unique spirits.

Mixing traditional methods and modern technology, we also make use of a Rotavapor for our cold distilled spirits. This high-tech machine allows us to distill botanicals at much lower temperatures than traditional stills, preserving the plants and extracting incredibly unique and powerful natural aromas.


Gin Lab Experience

Discover all the secrets of distillation during a fun workshop in our LVX Lab; and make your very own gin!

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We work with great stores, bars and restaurants all around the country. Find a select list of partners in the link below.

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