LVX Cold Distilled Vodka

Same vodka, new bottle! For a limited time only, LVX Cold Distilled comes in a new design. Each bottle is hand painted, sealed with wax and adorned with a beautiful hang tag made with an old 1950’s printing press. A long and meticulous process, which perfectly represents the love and care we put into each bottle’s contents.

Made with Swiss grain alcohol and cold distilled yarrow, this premium vodka’s herbaceous character is a subtle twist on vodka’s low-key flavours. After a lengthy maceration period, the Yarrow is gently vacuum distilled at low temperatures – a delicate process that preserves its natural flavours and extracts aromas impossible to capture through traditional distillation.

The ideal crowd pleaser, LVX Cold Distilled Vodka pairs effortlessly in any cocktail and tastes great served pure between 4°and 8°C.


Ingredients: Swiss grain alcohol, Yarrow plant

Tasting: Smooth and clean, with subtle herbal and iodine notes.

Bottle: 700ml – 40% abv

CHF 40.00

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